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Remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd

This site is dedicated to remembering Bamforth & Co. Ltd, the company which was based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England.This site attempts to illustrate the company's wide variety of achievements, including nearly 100 years of Postcard design and publication, making a name as a leading producer of Magic Lantern Slides, and obtaining the reputation of being the "British Hollywood" of Silent Films

(Pictures of the deserted Bamforth Factory & Studios - Holmfirth, West Yorkshire)

The now deserted and sadly decaying Bamforth premises are to be found in Holmfirth on the New Mill Road. Part of the premises have been renovated and sold as houses.

Bamforth & Co. Ltd - Magic Lantern Slides.

( A selection of 3 Bamforth Magic Lantern slides. The centre slide shows the first of 11 slides telling the story of "The Loss Of The Titanic" - the full set can be viewed via the "Magic Lantern" slide link at the bottom of this WEB page)

Bamforth & Co. Ltd - Silent Films.

(The photographs on the left and right show the famous Bamforth Silent film actress Lily Ward before filming and a still from a film (title unknown) and one Lily a little slimmer than the other!. The centre photograph shows the "Picturedrome" cinema, Holmfirth which was completed in 1912.)

Bamforth & Co. Ltd - Unknown Silent Film Found ?

( The above film frames are taken from a possible unknown Bamforth silent film - the BFI will be analysing this film over the next few weeks - watch for updates posted - 22/10/2005 )

Bamforth & Co. Ltd - Postcard Series.

( A couple of World War I Military Hymn and Song Cards )

( Some examples of 1900's Romantic Hymn and Song Cards )

( A few examples of Bamforth's famous "Saucy Seaside" Postcards )

Bamforth "Saucy Seaside" Postcards - The Origins ENTER

Bamforth "Saucy Seaside" Postcards - 1910-1990's ENTER

Bamforth Black & White Hymn and Song Cards - Single Issues ENTER

Bamforth Black & White Hymn and Song Cards - Series ENTER

Bamforth "Magic Lantern" Slides ENTER

Bamforth Silent Films ENTER

Requests For Specific Bamforth & Co. Ltd Information ENTER

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Examples Of All Bamforth Postcard Series
A Photograghic Tour Of Holmfirth

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